Baby food is a specialized product that is produced from the highest quality products in a certain way and in compliance with the necessary technologies. The baby’s body is especially vulnerable and therefore requires increased attention. Nutrition is the foundation of a child’s health. From what the baby eats, it depends on how correctly his whole body is formed, bones are strengthened, the nervous system develops, etc.

Baby food is presented in several types and is suitable for different ages.

  • Milk formulas are mother’s milk substitutes that can be used even for newborns. The best of them should be enriched with vitamins and microelements necessary for proper development.
  • Puree in jars is the most common type of baby food, it is introduced from 4 months. This puree is made from various vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, etc.), fruits (banana, apple, pear, etc.) with the addition of cottage cheese and meat (chicken, turkey, beef, etc.) . There are single-component and consisting of several products at once (for example, a berry salad or a turkey with vegetables). The packaging of such baby food is the safest, because. does not allow air or harmful substances to pass through and can be stored closed for a sufficiently long period. Another plus of food in jars is the preservation of nutrients.
  • Kashi. Suitable for babies (4 months) and older children. Groats familiar to an adult (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, etc.) are subject to special processing, after which the porridge is perfectly digested by the child’s body, saturating it with useful substances.
  • Juices. Suitable for children from 3 months old. Good manufacturers make them from natural fruits and berries and do not add sugar (in products for the smallest). Juice is an important part of any child’s diet.

The choice of quality food for a child is a very important point. For example, milk mixtures are used from birth if the mother is not able to breastfeed. Imagine that from the very first days your child eats a poor quality product. Unpleasant, right? Therefore, it is important to know what can and should be purchased, and what will harm the health of the baby. Our rating of baby food manufacturers will allow you to choose the best and most suitable brand for you.


The best domestic firms – manufacturers of baby food

4 Sami with a mustache

Themselves with mustaches

Recently, the Ivanovo Combine introduced a new brand of baby food “Themselves with a mustache.” The plant manufactures high quality products using the most modern equipment. It offers food for babies from 4 months old. In the development of each individual product, trends in nutrition and dietetics were taken into account. Now the Sami with a Mustache assortment includes fruit juices (apple with melon, peach, etc.), fruit purees in standard glass jars, meat, fish and vegetable purees in non-spill packs, as well as ready-made cereals for babies with 6 months. The prices for the company’s products are quite reasonable.

Buyers note the pleasant balanced taste of baby food. Convenient travel packaging is another argument in favor of Themselves with a mustache. Such nutrition helps to properly introduce complementary foods and support the healthy development of the baby. Another product difference is the perfect combination of price and quality. Main advantages: modern technologies, balanced composition, optimal cost, positive reviews, wide range, convenient packaging.

3 Nutricia


Nutricia is a global brand for the production of baby food from birth to three years. Specializes in the production of milk mixtures. It offers three product lines: Nutrilon, Baby and Baby. The first is distinguished by the presence of specialized products (for children with low weight, premature babies, those with digestive disorders, diet therapy, etc.). “Baby” is made with the addition of zinc, iron, prebiotics and without sugar. “Kid”, like other products of the brand, does not contain preservatives and dyes and has an optimal cost. High quality products make Nutricia one of the most sought-after companies in the domestic market.


  • mixtures for newborns;
  • excellent composition;
  • presented goods for children with disabilities;
  • different price categories;
  • hypoallergenic products.


  • not detected.

2 Agusha


Agusha is another domestic baby food company. Distinguished by the production of a large number of different goods of good quality. Offers a choice of three lines of products: “The First Spoon” – food for babies 4 months of age, includes biokefir, cottage cheese, mashed rabbit, turkey, apples, etc., drinking water and juices; “Agusha” – nutrition from 6 months: viscous and liquid yogurt with different flavors, fruit cottage cheese, milk with vitamins and prebiotics, dry cereals, mashed potatoes in jars, fruit drinks and more; “I myself” – suitable for use by children over 2.5 years old and consists of two-layer cottage cheese, drinking yogurt and milkshakes. The manufacturer also offers milk formulas that are suitable for babies from birth.


  • a large selection of goods;
  • suitable for all ages;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • there are products for newborns;
  • low price.


  • not always a good one.

1 FrutoNanny


One of the most popular Russian manufacturers of baby food. It is included in the middle price category, but due to the frequent holding of interesting promotions and special offers, products can be classified as inexpensive. It has a wide range of products: cereals of various textures with and without additives (pieces of fruit, milk, etc.); fruit, vegetable and meat purees in jars; juices, nectars and fruit drinks; dairy products, water. There is a special line of hypoallergenic products.


  • wide selection;
  • products for the first complementary foods (from 4 months);
  • optimal cost;
  • like children;
  • good taste qualities;
  • natural composition.


  • useful ingredients are not in all products;
  • no mixtures.

The best companies – manufacturers of baby food with impeccable quality

4 Humana


The German manufacturer Humana represents the highest quality products with a completely natural composition. Each product of the company consists of carefully selected ingredients for every age. Among them, DHA acid, which is responsible for the development of the brain and nerve cells, many vitamins (Omega 3, 6, B2, D, C) and others. As useful trace elements, the manufacturer uses iodine, calcium, fluoride, gluten. The range includes children’s tea, mix, cereals, health food and puddings. The cost of Humana products is quite high, but it is fully justified by the ideal quality.

Experts believe that Humana formulas are ideal nutrition for babies. Moreover, among the products you can find a specialized treated mixture for children with lactose intolerance or premature babies. At each stage of production, strict quality control is carried out, which allows you to get the best product in all respects. The composition does not add preservatives, dyes and other harmful substances. Main advantages: natural well-thought-out composition, even the needs of children of different ages, healthy desserts, healthy nutrition, excellent reviews. Disadvantages: high cost.

3 HiPP


The German manufacturer with a long history guarantees the highest quality of its products. Baby food using special technology and natural ingredients provides parents with peace of mind and a pleasant taste for babies. HiPP produces powdered milk formulas for healthy children and diet food. They are enriched with vitamins and hypoallergenic. The range also includes fish, meat purees, cream texture soups and much more. Recently, vegetable and fruit purees, dairy desserts and bio-juices have been added to the product line. An important feature of HIPP is the absence of sugar in the composition. Organic ingredients retain the most beneficial trace elements and support the healthy development of the baby.


  • there is everything for feeding children from birth to 3 years;
  • good taste qualities;
  • eat products for indigestion;
  • hypoallergenic products.


  • high price.

2 Semper


For more than 70 years, the Swedish company Semper has been producing premium baby food. Thanks to strict control and high requirements in manufacturing, the company’s products meet all standards and are of excellent quality. The choice of mothers presents a large number of products adapted to each age individually. Powdered milk formulas are suitable for newborns, some of them are intended for use from 6 months. There are even specialized mixtures for constipation. To feed babies from 4 to 6 months, vegetable and fruit purees are offered in jars and soft packs, various cereals, juices and special children’s tea with vitamins. Oatmeal and multigrain wellings (8-11 months) are unusual cereals with delicious natural additives that will make your baby’s meal even more enjoyable. Meatballs, meat and fish purees are good choices to expand your child’s diet.


  • adaptation to every age;
  • unique recipes;
  • big choice;
  • European quality.


  • high price;
  • in some products not quite a useful composition.

1 Gerber


The American manufacturer presents baby food from 6 months of age. High quality of production is provided with observance of technology and adherence to norms. Gerber’s many years of experience make it possible to manufacture reliable baby food products. The range includes single-component and multi-component purees in fruit and vegetable jars, meat products, juices and desserts. The latter are represented by fruit cocktails in soft packaging, curd treats, etc. A child over 1 year old can get a healthy snack – a cereal bar or cookies.


  • eat products in soft packaging convenient for the child;
  • high quality;
  • good composition with vitamins;
  • a large selection of purees from one product.


  • high price;
  • children don’t always like it.

The best firms – manufacturers of inexpensive baby food

4 diapers


The main feature of the company “Spelenok” is the composition of the products. All ingredients here come from our own farm. Each component is full of vitamins and useful elements. The assortment includes a whole line of baby food: juices, purees, cereals and water. An important distinguishing feature of this manufacturer is its low price. At the same time, the quality of food is quite high. The composition of the product does not include salt, sugar and preservatives. Some products are hypoallergenic. Parents can purchase “Spelenok” food for a child from birth.

There is a choice of fruit and vegetable purees (pear with vitamin C, apple and cherry, broccoli, zucchini, etc.), with the addition of cottage cheese, milk porridge, a variety of juices, fruit drinks. Only natural healthy ingredients get to the table for kids. In production, specialists carefully monitor compliance with those. process and adhere to a special quality management system. Benefits: Wide range of nutrition, Quality ingredients from our own farm, Great value, Availability, Best reviews, Hypoallergenic products.

3 Babushkino Lukoshko

Babushkino Lukoshko

“Babushkino Lukoshko” is distinguished by the presence of a fairly large selection of baby puree. It is presented both in jars and in soft packs. There are many options for mothers to choose from: one-component products; puree for the first meat (veal, horse meat, rabbit) and fish (cod and pink salmon with potatoes, salmon with vegetables) menu; cottage cheese with prunes, apricots, etc.; creamy and dairy with different fruits. The manufacturer also offers specialized children’s herbal teas with amazing composition. And meatballs in meat broth are a surprisingly healthy and tasty treat for babies from 8 months.


  • natural composition;
  • a large selection of purees;
  • there are healthy teas;
  • low price.


  • not detected.

2 Darkness


The domestic company offers baby food for babies from 6 months and is distinguished by the best price. The product range includes juices with pulp; meat and vegetable purees in jars of chicken, beef with rice and vegetables; biocurds with blueberries, strawberries, bananas, etc.; mashed turkey meat, veal with liver; bio yogurts with various flavors; special baby milk, etc. Kids love tasty delicacies from “Theme”, and parents save money and are always calm about the health of their child.


  • low price;
  • availability;
  • pleasant taste.


  • jars in the form of canned food are not very convenient to use.

1 Heinz


The well-known food company occupies one of the leading positions in the production of baby food. It is distinguished by a wide selection of cereals: dairy-free, low-allergenic, drinkable and dry, fruit and milk, etc. The assortment includes mashed potatoes in jars of vegetables with meat, fish and fruits with cream. Baby cookies will be a healthy snack for babies from 5 months. Heinz offers parents a special vermicelli that is suitable for six-month-old children and has an easy and quick way to prepare. Fruit and cream puddings make a great dessert for any child.


  • low price;
  • range;
  • good taste.


  • no products for newborns;
  • not always natural composition.