Many legends of the world tell about giants, giants, titans in all ancient written sources. We are often informed about the finds in different parts of the globe of the skeletons of people of abnormal growth. So maybe our ancestors were giants?
giant people

Burials of the Stone Age have been discovered in the Sahara desert. The age of the remains is approximately 5000 years. In 2005-2006, about 200 graves were found. All of them were distinguished by high growth, more than two meters.

people giants

Giant fossils have been found in Turkey. The human leg bone is 120 cm long. Based on this, the human height should have been 5 meters.
fossils in turkey

In China, people were found whose height was 3-3.5 meters, weight 300 kg.

giant people

In Australia, anthropologists have found a petrified tooth 67 mm high and 42 mm wide. According to estimates, the owner of the tooth had to be 7.5 meters tall and weigh 370 kg. Analyzes determined the age of the find – 9 million years.

huge man

A jaw was found in one of the caves. But despite the resemblance to a human, the size of the found bone seems abnormally large.

giant jaw

It is assumed that all the main monuments of antiquity (Egyptian pyramids, stonehenge, sphinx) were built by these giants. According to scientists, giants are the race that preceded us (not to be confused with the current concept that characterizes belonging to a particular nationality). They took possession of psychic energy and “life force” unusual for us.

ancient race

The Aryan race appeared in the bowels of the Atlantean civilization about 1 million years ago. All modern earthlings are called Aryans. The early Aryans had a height of 3-4 meters, then the growth decreased.


Anthropologists have even found drawings on Inca stones. They were found in Peru. And these drawings show that humans lived with dinosaurs. Comparing these drawings, scientists discovered an amazing fact: humans and dinosaurs have approximately similar proportions! Perhaps in the era of dinosaurs, giant people lived. And a man in the mouth of a dinosaur, and a dinosaur with a severed head.


Evidence of the finds of the remains of giants is found in almost every part of the world: Mexico, Peru, Pennsylvania, Tunisia, Texas, the Philippines, Syria, Morocco, Australia, Spain, and Georgia … It is worth considering not as much about the plausibility of their existence as about the reasons for the disappearance of a civilization so much more diverse and powerful than you and me.

giant skull