Guido Daniele is an artist from Soverato, Italy, who has received numerous awards for his work. Born in 1950, Daniele lives and works in Milan. During the 40 years of his career, Guido has done both commercial and advertising work and solo exhibitions around the world. In 1990 he began research and experimentation with the body and hand painting. By having his models group their bodies into specific positions, he could use his painting skills to create incredibly realistic portraits and scenes on living canvas. The inclusion of the human body in his work added a new element to his work, and Guido continued to explore this new area.

hand drawings

In 2000 he created his world famous ‘Handimals’ series where he painted extremely detailed and realistic animals on his hands in various positions. Thanks to his artistic vision and creativity, Guido masterfully approaches the starting ‘canvas’, transforming it into any animal he wishes. The results are really amazing, which we invite you to see for yourself.

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