You will be speechless when you see the mind-blowing work of London-based sculptor Ron Maek. Large human sculptures resemble real giants, not toy dolls, so if you stay near them for a long time, it becomes a little uncomfortable.

A native of Australia, Ron Maek is a professional toy maker, so his new passion for making giant toys is no surprise.

Ron has worked in television for about 15 years. His duties included picking dolls for children’s programs, and restoring them if necessary. However, the talented artist did not stop at such work, and eventually came to the desired favorite work, to the creation of his hyper-realistic works of art, which have already brought him international recognition.

Ron never made life-size sculptures. Such sculptures seemed uninteresting to him. “We meet life-sized people every day,” he says.

When creating his giants, Ron pays attention to every detail: from skin color to the smallest wrinkles – this makes his sculptures eerily realistic.