These head-shaven portraits of famous people are incredibly detailed and unusual. To create such a hairstyle, considerable experience and skill is required. I suggest you admire a series of interesting works, where the artist’s canvas is a human head.

celebrity hair portraits

The artist, nicknamed Rob the Original, became famous for his head-shaven portraits of famous celebrities. The portraits are really very accurate and detailed, and you can enjoy them for several months. This is a rather unusual art form, claiming some degree of uniqueness.

For decades, hairdressers have experimented with people’s hairstyles, shaved different patterns, created interesting lines, and applied different colors. As the hair grows back, Rob’s masterpieces may change, but in general, they will last for two months.

The master soon took this process to the next level, capturing portraits of superheroes, athletes, characters from films and even monuments on people’s heads. The portraits are made using hair blades of varying sharpness and length to create intricate shading. Rob Original even adds color to portraits to make them look much more realistic.