With the help of the tandoor, you can pamper yourself and loved ones with fragrant and juicy dishes, from barbecue to flat cakes. Oriental ceramic stove will look great in the country or in the yard of a country house.


What is a tandoor, what are the features of the furnace

A tandoor is a brazier, with the principle of operation of which many owners of country houses and summer residents are already familiar. With this oven, delicious meat dishes are prepared in 15-20 minutes.

Products in the tandoor are baked not on coals, but from the heat of the heated walls. For example, in the case of barbecue, the skewers simply need to be placed in an upright position and left for 15 minutes. There is no need to scroll the meat, since the heat is distributed evenly. The dish is juicy and very tasty.

The choice of tandoor largely depends on the conditions of its operation:

  • country house;
  • Vacation home;
  • field trips.

The best option for all cases will be a portable ceramic tandoor, you just need to decide on the volume, equipment and design, since a large selection allows you to do this. A portable stove is suitable for giving, which at the end of the season can be taken back to storage. Such models are mobile, do not require the arrangement of a special foundation.

What is cooked in the tandoor

Anything! A ceramic oven may well replace the classic equipment for barbecue areas and be used for cooking meat in various forms, fish steaks, samsa, flatbread, poultry, etc. A large volume will allow you to cook meat in large and whole parts (for example, you can bake a leg of lamb).

What is included, what are the benefits of tandoor dishes

The furnace is characterized by high heat transfer and heat capacity. Products in such ovens do not dry out. In an average tandoor, you can cook 4-5 kg ​​of meat and other dishes in one ignition.


Depending on the model, the set includes:

  • scoop and poker;
  • skewer;
  • ash grate;
  • feet for installation.

Additional equipment may include grills, dishes (clay or cast iron), potholders, hooks, etc., so this information should be specified when choosing.

Eat Healthy Meals

Products cooked in an oriental brazier are not only very tasty, but also healthy, which is explained by various factors. Firstly, this is the use of oil in smaller volumes; secondly, it is getting juicy dishes by preserving all the ingredients of their juices; thirdly, the products retain useful vitamins and elements, since heat treatment occurs gradually.

The convenience of using the tandoor and the benefits of eating dishes cooked in this oven are obvious, all that remains is to purchase a good roaster and stock up on recipes for the entire summer season.