An Israeli by origin, a native of Germany, Frank Meisler has been exhibiting his works in museums and exhibition centers around the world for several years now. Regardless of whether it is a miniature or large work – the talent of this man is beyond dispute. The sculptor was educated in England, he studied sculpture at the University of Manchester. He has been living in old Jaffa for a long time.

Frank Meisler

The works of Frank Meisler are a heavy reminder of the tragedy of European Jewry.

Frank Meisler himself miraculously managed to survive the Holocaust. It so happened that he ended up in Kindertransport and in 1938-1939, along with several thousand more children, was taken to the UK. It happened quite by accident. He was one of the last to arrive. Shortly after leaving, Frank’s parents were brutally murdered.

In January 2013, Frank Meisler was awarded the First Class Order of Merit. The award was received from the German Ambassador Andreas Michaelis.