Niccolo Bonfandini is a young photographer based in Monza, in northern Italy. Even as a child, he was attracted by beautiful landscapes, but he discovered his passion for photography in himself only a few years ago, since then he began to travel intensively with a camera. For him, there is nothing more beautiful than wildlife, sunrise or starry sky. Photography makes him go out into nature more often, visit such conditions and places that he would not dare to visit under other circumstances. He recently began collaborating with a group of talented photographers on the Wildvisions Nature Photography project, capturing some impressive images in the Arctic.

arctic trees

A series of these photographs is called “Guardians of the Arctic”, where Bonfandini captured images of snow pillars in the landscapes of Finnish Lapland. Temperatures here reached minus 40 degrees Celsius, because the snow enveloped the trees in a hard ice crust. It turned out a formation similar to the famous Penitentes in the Andes

frozen trees
These pictures were taken almost by accident. That morning, the photographer was just sleeping in his tent, watching the sun rise from behind the top of the hill. At that moment, these amazing landscapes opened up to his gaze, and the snow pillars themselves, in addition to everything else, were shrouded in a rather strong fog, increasing the atmosphere of mystery. Of course, Niccolo Bonfandini immediately set up his camera and captured all this unique beauty. These photographs convey the majestic beauty of nature.

frozen trees
One of these images was even selected as the photo of the day by the APOD-NASA project, which is run by NASA in conjunction with the Michigan Tech University.

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