Many people think about what men are the best lovers and partners for relationships. Whether he is a doctor, a truck driver, or a programmer, your husband brings his work home and it definitely affects the relationship. In this article, you will get acquainted with the research of scientists regarding which profession most affects the relationship in love. A survey of 400 married women showed that their husbands’ chosen professions have a big impact on their love relationships.

“It’s no surprise that what you do during the day spills over into the evening,” says psychologist Linda De Villiers, Ph.D., sex therapist and author of Love Skills. “If he fixes intricate cars all day, then maybe he’ll be gifted at examining a woman’s body at night. If he has a job, then it makes sense that it leaves a mark on a love relationship.”

1. Artists.

Their wives say that they are the best lovers (45% – the first among all professions – rate their sex life as “excellent”). 73% of artists are completely satisfied in the relationship of their wives.

2. Construction Workers/Contractors

They make love very often, but 30% of their wives would like it to be more tender.

3. Truck drivers/mechanics.

One of the best lovers who scored high in all aspects of the survey. On all points of relationship, truck drivers scored over 50 percent, which is why they got into the list of the best professions.

4. Small business owners

A high frequency of lovemaking is typical for men with this kind of activity. In relationships, they are gentle and attentive. They also scored high in other points of the survey.

5. Engineers/Architects.

Their wives are satisfied 71% of the time, which is why they also made this list.

6. Managers/Supervisors.

Most of the wives are absolutely satisfied with their family life in marriage with men, representatives of this profession.

7. Workers dressed in uniform (firefighters, policemen, deliveries of orders)

81% of their wives say they like their husband’s uniform the most.

8. Seller.

Also one of the most interesting professions in this regard.

9. Suits (Lawyers, accountants, consultants, communications and financial professionals)

Also received excellent reviews from their wives.

10 Health care workers/doctors.

Closes the top ten doctors, with whom the wives also have the least number of problems in relationships.

Interesting details were also confirmed by a survey on the most favorable professions for marriage. Look at these graphs, where there is a rating for both male and female professions: