Amsterdam-based German-born artist Katrin Korfman loves to take bird’s-eye photographs of people and their activities. But unlike many aerial photographers who fly in small planes, Korfman’s methods are modest. She photographs from the cranes, and when the cranes are not available, she raises her camera in a remote controlled helicopter.

aerial view of people

Kathryn Korfman takes many images and then blends them together to create the final image. This is a task that can take two to three months, working from 500 to 2,000 shots. Because the shots are taken at different times, Korfman manipulates shadows and other settings to create an image that looks like it was taken all at once.
Catherine Korfman
“From a bird’s eye view, all people look the same,” Korfman says in an interview. “The idea is to create two dimensions: the one you see from far away and the other one when you zoom in and see everything up close. Then all the differences become noticeable: in the clothes they wear, the things they carry.”

As you have already noticed, she does not just photograph random places, but chooses some interesting events or holidays.

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