Augusto Esquivel is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presented by Now Contemporary Art Gallery in Miami, Augusto’s work involves the use of thousands of carefully selected multi-colored buttons and buttons for sewing. The artist is often obsessed with comparisons of reality and potential, the balance between them in art. The idea of ​​chaos in perfect order: an object that looks solid can also be fragile and inconsistent to the touch. The common object used to create the artwork becomes transformed into something complex and intriguing. Augusto understands how insignificant and small a simple sewing button can be when just sitting in her grandmother’s box, but at the same time, it can become unique and precious as part of a work of art. Like an atom in a molecule, each button serves and forms a whole. The author tries to establish contact with the buttons and buttons, listens to them, talks.

button sculptures

Below you will find a small selection of Esquivel’s wonderful artwork.

button sculptures

How is the creative process of Augusto? First of all, he sees an object that catches attention, like a piano, for example. Then research is carried out, measurements, color analysis, the number of black and white shades, of various types. Then he creates acrylic paint and shape, chooses buttons, type and quantity (60 pounds of buttons were used for the Piano). He then dyes the buttons, threads them with monofilament and hangs them up. You need to place each button in the correct place to create the whole object. It’s a lot of time, but Augusto enjoys every minute of it.

And here is the author of these masterpieces of art, Augusto Esquivel himself: