A person rarely thinks about buying a bathroom in his adult life: according to the results of surveys of marketers – about 1-3 times, no more. Therefore, it will be doubly insulting to purchase low-quality consumer goods that can lose their presentation in just a few years of use. This is especially true of acrylic bathtubs, as the most fragile, compared with cast iron and steel samples of this plumbing.


Rating of the best manufacturers of acrylic bathtubs according to experts

10th place. Bass

Russian manufacturer offering about 100 models of acrylic bathtubs. It uses imported equipment for manufacturing, therefore it produces high-quality products that meet European standards. Acrylic bathtubs are made by vacuum stamping, and an antibacterial coating is applied to the outer surface during the final processing. Each model can be integrated or installed independently.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Long warranty period – ten years;
  • Variety of models;
  • Acceptable price.


  • Unpleasant factory smell;
  • There are complaints about marriage;
  • “Clumsy” design of some models.

9th place. Triton

Another domestic manufacturer is widely known not only in our country, but also in neighboring countries. The line of models of acrylic bathtubs is also quite extensive – about 60 items. In addition to the proven technology of vacuum stamping (using equipment made in the USA), it also produces bathtubs using the hand-forming method – they are more durable and reliable.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Good range of products
  • Availability of models of various sizes;
  • The pricing policy of the company: there are worthy models for a small price;
  • Large selection of corner baths, as well as with hydromassage;
  • Possibility of additional equipment.


  • Judging by the reviews, you can find defective products;
  • Some of the products are not intended for people with a large weight;
  • Some models have very thin walls.

8th place. Kolo

A Polish company that appeared on the Russian market relatively recently. Buyers note the high quality of acrylic bathtubs, which is not surprising: the manufacturer uses new, European, recently manufactured equipment. The model range is extensive, the company initially offers bathtubs of various colors and configurations.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Manufacturing quality;
  • Warranty period of service;
  • Models are offered in a variety of shapes and colors.


  • There are very few models with pre-installed hydromassage;
  • Quite difficult to find on the market.

7th place. Villeroy&Boch

The top 7 manufacturers are opened by the famous French brand Villeroy & Boch. It is almost two centuries old and its products are very popular in the EU countries: they are of high quality, reliable and durable. In addition to the usual sanitary ware, this company produces acrylic bathtubs, distinguished by the elegance of forms and versatility.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Products meet strict European standards;
  • Extensive range;
  • Exquisite design.


  • Really high price: only because of not the company did not enter the top winners;
  • Difficult to find on the Russian market;
  • Lots of fakes.

6th place. pool spa

Spanish company famous for interesting bathroom design projects. Offers an extensive line of acrylic bathtubs in various shapes. All products are made with high quality and meet all necessary standards. The complete set of each individual model is thoughtful and varied.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Design;
  • Quality and durability;
  • Variety of products and accessories.


  • It is difficult to find a fake;
  • High price for original products.

5th place. “Aquanet”

The best Russian manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs, according to most experts. In addition to the variety of models, it is famous for its good, one might even say good quality of manufacturing acrylic bathtubs. Also, in addition to bathtubs, it offers a wide range of additional accessories for each model: headrests, headrests and handrails. An additional plus is the low price compared to foreign models.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Extensive range;
  • Manufacturing quality;
  • Adequate price.


  • Complaints about defective products;
  • A number of models, due to the thickness of the walls, are not intended for large people.

4th place. Riho

A Dutch company specializing in the production of various sanitary ware components for bathrooms. I was pleased with the high quality of acrylic bathtubs, however, for European companies this is not surprising. What is really important is the wall thickness of the products: from 0.6 to 0.8 cm at the thinnest-walled bathtub. Like other European companies, it offers a lot of additional accessories and various bath designs that can emphasize and embellish almost any bathroom interior.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Sturdy model construction;
  • Quality materials;
  • Various equipment;
  • Interesting design solutions.


  • Price: lower than other well-known Western European brands, but still quite high.

3rd place. Cersanit

A Polish-Romanian-Russian joint venture that has won a significant share of the Russian market for the sale of sanitary ware. Despite the fact that acrylic products are made by us, the company’s bathtubs from this material come out of excellent quality. In addition to this advantage, it is worth noting the variety of models and a large range of accessories. The last argument on the list, but not the last in priority, is the price of products: it is much lower than that of European counterparts.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Price;
  • Wear resistance and reliability;
  • Variety of models.


  • Economy class products are not suitable for people with a lot of weight – the walls are too thin;
  • Possible marriage.

2nd place. Ravak

The Czech company Ravak, which released its first acrylic bathtub model at the end of the last century, became the silver medalist of our top best acrylic bathtub manufacturers. Over the past twenty years, she has released about 25 serial models of this plumbing. Today, many experts characterize its products as bathrooms with a convenient and comfortable design for use. Given the durability, reliability and adequate price for most models, Ravak takes second place, slightly behind the gold medalist in the rating.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Price;
  • Quality;
  • Durability;
  • Range.


  • The cost of components must be paid separately;
  • There are many fakes, you need to choose carefully.

1 place. Roca

Unanimously, according to buyers and experts, the best manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs, whose products are available on the Russian market, remains the Roca company. We want to note right away that the bathrooms displayed under this brand on the shelves of our stores are made at production facilities located on the territory of the Russian Federation, that is, a subsidiary of the company. But this fact does not affect the workmanship in any way: all acrylic bathtubs meet all quality standards and, unlike other Russian companies, the amount of marriage is minimal. Customers will be able to choose a model from 200 different product options, the range of components is also quite diverse. Factory warranty for bathtubs – up to 10 years, for additional components – for 2 years.

What buyers and experts liked:

  • Acceptable price;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Variety of models and accessories.


  • Lots of fakes.

Despite their fragility, acrylic bathtubs are quite popular. They are an order of magnitude better than models made of steel and cast iron immediately in several ways:

  • Retains heat: Acrylic tubs retain water temperature for about an hour;
  • Variety of shapes: manufacturers offer angular, oval or rectangular models, or even make an individual design;
  • They give a feeling of comfort: acrylic – the material is smooth, but not slippery, it leaves a pleasant feeling of touch;
  • Painted in different colors: you will be able to choose a more suitable color scheme that fits perfectly into the design of your bathroom;
  • Provide sound insulation: water running into the bath is barely audible;
  • Easily restored: in most cases, repairs are carried out on the spot;
  • They are distinguished by extensive functionality: equipping an acrylic bathtub with hydromassage is as easy as shelling pears.

As you can see, acrylic bathtubs have a lot of advantages. To cope with the main disadvantage – low strength, is quite simple: you need to choose a bath with a thicker wall.

Acrylic bathtubs: which manufacturer is still better?

We can answer this question as follows – there is simply no clear leader, each of the companies in our rating has its own advantages and disadvantages, which will be more important for each of us. The only thing worth noting is that the manufacturing quality of foreign manufacturers, if better than domestic, is not much, but the price differs very much: in some cases, almost an order of magnitude. It is hardly worth overpaying extra money “for a name”.