Not everyone decides to turn to a psychologist. There is also an element of embarrassment and delusion that you need to solve your emotional problems on your own. But it is not always possible to improve relations in the family, raise their own self-esteem, cope with stress and negative mood. These and other problems will help to solve the psychologist.

A psychologist is not a magician, but a knowledgeable specialist

Among those who did not turn to the help of psychologists, there are often misconceptions. It is worth dispelling these myths. Here are the misconceptions:

  • psychologists can solve the problem in one visit;
  • you can communicate with a specialist at ease, familiarly;
  • The psychologist will tell you how I need to live.

If the problem is serious, then several meetings will be required. But already after the first session, you can feel emotional relief and see ways to solve the problem.

Sometimes patients try to talk about their problems in a detached way, talking about other casual topics. When communicating with such a client, an experienced specialist will be able to streamline the information received. The psychologist will help the client to extract painful feelings outward in order to reconsider the problem situation and outline the stages of its solution. Here you can learn more about it.

It is unlikely that it will be right if a psychologist gives direct answers to how a person should live. It will only help the patient learn to find the right way to solve.

Interesting psychological exercises

In order for the person who asked for help to clearly see his problem, psychologists often use exercises with catatim objects. This will be especially useful for teenagers and children. But this method is also shown for an adult audience.

To do this, you will need catatim items that carry symbols. Usually small toys are used. The psychologist lays them out on the surface of the table or in the sandbox, invites the client to choose those that he likes and attracts.

The patient now places these items in any order. He takes each toy, tells what quality he would take from it. It is better to write down this information.

For example, if there is a bill here, a person will take it first, which means that he puts well-being at the forefront. Money also symbolizes power.

If Buddha is chosen, this will indicate that the person lacks peace of mind. The figurine of a warrior symbolizes courage, the Statue of Liberty – freedom.

Now you should answer the psychologist’s questions about whether it is possible to realize these qualities in real life?

After that, you can use fairy tale therapy, come up with a plot using these items. The advice that a person will give to the subjects and heroes he has chosen will be very valuable, since he will be able to apply them in his life personally for himself.