The theme of works of art created from the most unusual objects has already become a kind of tradition on our site. Let’s not deviate from good traditions, but enrich our collection with another fascinating exhibit: tulle and net portraits by British artist Benjamin Sheen.

Tulle or mesh is commonly used in bridal and other spectacular dresses. However, British artist Benjamin Sheen creases these materials and burns them to create incredible portraits that look almost three-dimensional.

Armed with home appliances, Benjamin can use up to 50 meters of tulle to create his masterpiece. Transparent grids are used to create tones and shadows that make his portraits look like photographs.

And with paints and pencils, of course, you can create an illustration with the effect of three-dimensional space, but the tulle makes the portrait more textural and deep, as can be seen in the photographs.

Among the unusual works of the portrait style, one can also distinguish portraits of celebrities from sweets, very funny made.

Many artists and sculptors experimented with different types of fabrics and even clothes, used separate swimsuits, hats, shoes and much more. But works made of tulle and mesh look unusual and unique.