Canada is considered a country that provides a lot of favorable opportunities for those wishing to go there for permanent residence. According to preliminary data, at present, almost a third of the population is represented by immigrants, most of whom have compact settlements to live in.

This is because the Canadian government is reluctant to settle newcomers in major cities, preferring to send newcomers to provincial towns and cities. This approach justifies itself by creating new jobs and investing in the local economy.

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So what do you need to move to Canada? First of all, it is necessary to clarify under which program you can get into the country: federal or regional. Common to both programs is the need to confirm their financial status, so that the state is sure that migrants are not going to live on benefits for years, thus draining funds from the local budget.

There are 4 categories of people for whom moving to Canada will be easier compared to others. You must be:

  • An invited high-class specialist or a representative of a rare but sought-after profession in Canada
  • Have relatives living in Canada
  • Be a refugee for political, religious or other reasons
  • Desire to create your own business or be ready to invest in an existing business in the country.

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Also a prerequisite is knowledge of English or Canadian dialect of French. Everyone who wishes to take a language proficiency test, present documents on education (it is desirable to have a diploma from an international university) and fulfill the requirements for participation in the declared program. Each province has its own list of required specialties, and it is for them that it is easier to pass the selection and obtain a residence permit.

Language proficiency (English or French) is mandatory for anyone applying for a federal transfer, especially as a professional in a particular field. The Canadian government is ready to teach the basics of the profession to those who wish, even if there is no experience in the declared specialty, but the applicant must show a good command of one of the above languages.

The selection of candidates is carried out through a special online system for assessing the qualities of applicants, the minimum threshold is 67 points. Accordingly, the more points, the higher the chances of being on the list of lucky ones, and knowledge of English plays an important role in evaluating candidates.