Ceramic coated pans have become very popular in recent years. And no wonder, because they are comfortable, durable and safe for health. Even if cracks appear on the coating, no toxic substances are released when heated (unlike Teflon-coated products).

Unfortunately, not all ceramic pans are of good quality. Some companies use low-quality materials and outdated technologies in production, due to which the service life of goods is greatly reduced. That is why it is so important to choose a good manufacturer.
We present to your attention the most popular manufacturers of ceramic frying pans.

Italian company “Ballarini”


Ballarini is the largest manufacturer of non-stick cookware in Europe. The company’s frying pans are considered among the best – they are known for their durability, scratch resistance and ease of maintenance. In most cases, dishes can be washed even under running water without using a sponge.

Pure forged aluminum body and solid construction ensure uniform heating of the product. In addition, a special Thermopoint sensor is installed on the handle of some Ballarini ceramic frying pans, which indicates when the surface is hot and you can reduce the temperature. This helps to prevent overheating, and therefore maintain the integrity of the coating.

The service life of Ballarini ceramic frying pans is about two years (after a year, the coating begins to “lag behind”), and they are not cheap – from 1,500 to 6,000 rubles.

Italian firm “TVS”


The company was founded in 1967 in Urbino, Italy. It was one of the first to obtain a license to use the DuPont brand, the world leader in non-stick coatings and also the creator of PTFE. Collections of frying pans “TVS” began to be developed by eminent designers.

Ceramic frying pans are known for their stylish design and high quality. They are resistant to temperature fluctuations, scratches and abrasion. In addition, the coating based on Sol-Gel technology gives the surface a smooth and shiny appearance and promotes even heat distribution.

Sol-Gel guarantees uniform “sticking off” of products and protection from stains, but already after six months or a year, the coating begins to become unusable even without the use of abrasive powders and hard sponges. The cost of TVS ceramic frying pans is 1,000–2,500 rubles.

The production of TVS ceramic cookware has a low environmental impact compared to pans with other non-stick coatings, saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions by 50%.

Firm “Bergner”


Ceramic frying pans under the Bergner brand are very popular among our compatriots. They have an affordable cost (from 900 rubles to 2,500 rubles) and good quality.

Products have a lid with a steam outlet, rubberized handles, a thickened bottom, which ensures uniform heating, and light weight. Pans are made from aluminium. However, consumers note that the non-stick coating quickly (after a few months) loses its properties and products begin to stick to the pan. In terms of quality, Bergner dishes are inferior to TVS and Ballarini.

French firm “Vitesse”


Ceramic frying pans have recently appeared in the Vitesse assortment. They are easy to care for, they warm up perfectly and are easy to use. But many consumers note that after a couple of months, and in some cases even weeks, the non-stick coating loses its properties, and the outer coating quickly becomes scratched and peeled off. Moreover, some models of ceramic frying pans have a too thin bottom and walls that can be deformed.

The cost of ceramic pans of this company is 600–3,000 rubles.

Maestro company


Maestro products are manufactured in China, and the trademark itself was registered in Ukraine in 2005. The pans are made from aluminum and have an Excilon Ceramic Coating non-stick coating. They are equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle and a heat-resistant glass lid with a notch that releases steam.

Prices for Maestro ceramic pans are low – from 570 to 1,300 rubles, however, many consumers report that after four months of use, cracks form on the bottom of the pan and the food starts to burn. In addition, some models are equipped with a plastic handle that melts during cooking.

Russian company “NEVA-Metal Ware”

NEVA-Metal Crockery

NEVA Metal Cookware is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of cookware with non-stick coating. The company manufactures absolutely safe and high-quality products, for which it received the awards “Best Product of the Year”, “Made in Russia”, etc.

Most reviews of ceramic products from this company are positive. The cost of frying pans is 1,200 rubles and more.

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