The gas distribution mechanism is an integral structural element of any car equipped with an internal combustion engine. Its main element, which needs special attention, is the timing system drive, which connects the crankshaft and camshafts with a rigid hitch and ensures the synchronous operation of the pistons with the valves.

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The best timing manufacturers

Like any mechanical element, the timing drive requires regular maintenance and replacement: even in those systems that are declared by the manufacturer as maintenance-free, experienced minders recommend preventive replacement every 200-250 thousand kilometers. As consumables, it is best to prefer the products of the following manufacturers:

  1. Lemfoerder
  2. Sachs
  3. God
  4. Continental
  5. Ina
  6. TRW
  7. Reinz

Before giving a choice in favor of a particular brand, you should study the lists of manufacturers that are suppliers to the conveyor of a particular brand of car. For example, choosing a timing belt for BMW and preferring an original spare part, it can be argued with a 90% probability that a part made by INA or Lemfoerder will arrive in a box with the manufacturer’s logo.

Types of timing

There are currently two main types of gas distribution mechanism drive.

Timing belt drive

Timing belt drive

It is a special belt made of rubber cord. The inner side has pronounced teeth designed for hard engagement with the drive and driven gears. It is installed, as a rule, under a special cover on the front side of the engine and requires regular replacement – about once every 50-60 thousand kilometers.


  • Reliable construction;
  • You can replace it at almost any service station;
  • Inexpensive;
  • A wide variety of models of different price ranges;


  • In order to replace the timing belt for some car models (for example, Audi), you need to disassemble half of the engine compartment;
  • Replacement every 50-60 thousand kilometers;
  • Require careful monitoring of the condition of the belt;

Timing chain drive

Timing chain drive

It is considered more reliable and unpretentious in operation. Many car manufacturers position it as maintenance-free, but service manuals indicate the need to replace it every 200-250 thousand kilometers. Instead of belt tensioners, toothed gears are used in this situation.


  • Long service life;
  • Strength and reliability;


  • The complexity of replacement, the need for special devices;
  • During maintenance, it is often necessary to replace additional elements – tensioners, dampers, guide sprockets;
  • More expensive than belt drive;
  • The chain tends to stretch and jump, as a result of which the car stops working correctly;

Timing Drive Selection Options

Picking up a quality timing drive is easy. All that the user needs is to read the instruction manual for the car and follow it clearly when choosing. In addition, you can also get acquainted with the reviews of experienced users on the Internet, highlighting both the weaknesses and strengths of a particular manufacturer.

It is necessary to consider the choice of timing with reference to a specific brand of car and its type.

Choosing a timing belt on a prior

Without exception, all engines installed on the Lada Priora are equipped with a timing belt drive, which experienced car owners recommend changing as often as possible. The optimal replacement interval is every 20-30 thousand kilometers. In their opinion, the domestic manufacturer Balakovo has the best match between price and quality – it is he who is the supplier to the conveyor for AvtoVAZ. Speaking of imported components, excellent belts can be found in the catalogs of Continental, Dayco, Gates.

Choosing a timing belt on a grant

The structural similarity of Lada Granta with other AvtoVAZ models is visible to the naked eye, including the timing drive. The belt drive also requires regular replacement, and from manufacturers, car owners recommend paying attention to Dayco, TRW, Ruville products.

Choosing a timing belt for viburnum

Lada Kalina is a people’s car, undemanding in maintenance and unpretentious in operation. The timing belt drive, installed under its front cover, requires replacement every 40-50 thousand kilometers. You can prefer both the original belt with the AvtoVAZ brand, and its analogues manufactured by Balakovo, TRW, Gates;

Choosing a timing belt for Logan

It is a stretch to call Renault Logan a foreign car: its production has been established in our country for a very long time. A simple and unpretentious 1.4-liter engine has a timing belt drive that needs to be replaced every 50-60 thousand kilometers. As used spare parts, products from manufacturers such as Ruville, Gates, Ina are recommended.