Eric Wilson is the world’s most talented wildlife artist. Over the past 20 years, he has painted many endangered species in their natural habitat. When creating his masterpieces, the artist uses a variety of materials: from oil paints to pastels.

Eric Wilson grew up in Scotland. Since childhood, he was often surrounded by nature, where his boundless love for animals was born. Eric’s talent was noticed by his first teachers back in 1967. Admired, they said that his talent did not correspond to his young age.

Subsequently, the combination of love for wildlife and passion for art helped Eric Wilson make an important life choice. Unlike many of his colleagues who use photographs as the basis for their work, Eric spends a lot of time observing animals in their natural habitat.

Over the years he painted lions in South Africa, tigers in Nepal, clouded leopards in Thailand, rhinos in Zimbabwe, wolves in Alberta, chimpanzees in Burundi and even polar bears in the Canadian Arctic. The artist says that it is very important to take into account the peculiarities of flora and fauna in order to create the right work.

Eric Wilson is not just a talented artist who loves to draw wildlife. He is involved in the work of saving the tigers of India. He often donates money, works to raise awareness about the plight of tigers. Every day, because of the recklessness of people, animals are dying, which will soon be gone. If you can do something – you need to act right now, says Eric.